The Università Telematica San Raffaele recognises that higher education plays a significant role in cultural and intellectual development. In this perspective, internationalisation is crucial for improving students and academicians skills. Therefore, the mission of higher education is to make people qualified for a labour market that is getting more global and where new needs emerge. 
The Università Telematica San Raffaele aims to improve its results at a national and international level. The University actively supports and promotes international collaborations in order to improve its educational offer and teaching research activities. Given the global scenario and the emerging educational and academic needs, the Università San Raffaele is engaging an internationalisation process whose first step has been the pursuing of ECHE. 
In order to establish an international network, the University promotes bilateral agreements with partners in the UNISRF strategic areas of expertise. Partnerships are developed in order to promote a mutual cooperation and mobility. UNISRF mobility activities are addressed to both students and professors. 
The University has developed a system of processes that facilitates the establishment of bilateral agreement. Through a team of academics and administrative staff, UNISRF has created a support for developing international agreements and educational programs. The purpose of the internationalisation activity is not only to encourage mobility programs at all levels but also to allow students to improve their academic experience and employability. The internationalisation strategy of the University has the following goals: 
1)    To define a set of activities planned among the academics and faculty staff that facilitates the development of the internationalisation degree of UNISRF; this also means an improvement of facilities and supporting activities. 
2)    To define a system of privileged partner universities and to establish with them a long term collaboration within the E+ framework