The University offers the following courses:

Undergraduate program Nutrition and Gastronomy

The undergraduate program in Nutrition and Gastronomy includes courses that explore several aspects of food production and consumption. Students can attend classes that cover a wide range of issues, such as food technology, food culture, microbiology, food safety, nutrition, gastronomic science, food tasting and communication.

  • 180 Credits
  • 3Ys
  • Coordinator: Dr. Mauro Zaninelli

Undergraduate program Motor Science &
Undergraduate program Motor Science - Football

This graduate course is divided into two different curricula. The first, is the general one: this program will educate students to understand, plan and manage physical activity with educational, training or adaptive aims. The program will cover many areas, from physical aspects of training activity, to the managerial ones; from the investigation of the psychological and psychophysical implications of wellness to the maintenance of physical activities. The multidisciplinary approach of the course reflects the complexity of the relative business environment. The second program is focused on Soccer and it provides students specific knowledge on the football business.

  • 180 Credits
  • 3Ys
  • Coordinator: Dr. Elvira Padua

Undergraduate program Design & Fashion

The course provides knowledge in the field of design, management, fashion, communication and management. The aim of the course is to help students to acquire the ability to establish a dialogue with professional who operate in the complex and vibrant business of design and fashion.

  • 180 Credits
  • 3Ys
  • Prof. Stefano Chiarenza

Undergraduate program Administration and Law

The program will provide knowledge and competences for perspective managers in Public Utilities, corporations or SMEs that are actively involved in the health business. Classes will cover the topics Business administration, organizational science, and law issues

  • 180 Credits
  • 3Ys
  • Prof. Vincenzo Pacileo

Graduate program Human Nutrition Science

The graduate program in Human Nutrition Science aims to trainee food nutritionists. The program will explore a wide range of issues in Human Nutrition: biomedical aspects as well as food processing will be outlined. This program wants to answer to the multifaceted and emerging needs for professionals who work in the field of health and food nutrition.

  • 120 Credits
  • 2 Ys
  • Dr. Rachele Marseglia

Graduate Program Motor Science

This course provides knowledge with a specific referral to adaptive and preventive motorial activities. As well as the undergraduate course, its offer is multifaceted and it’s characterized by a multidisciplinary approach to physical activity and motor science.

  • 120 Credits
  • 2Ys
  • Dr.


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