The Research and Mobility Team of the University San Raffaele will support incoming students and scholars and will manage mobility and Erasmus processes.

Our Research & Mobility Team (R&M) includes 6 academic referee (one for each course), the Responsible for International relations and 2 Administrative Assistants:

  • Dr. Mauro Zaninelli Undergraduate program Nutrition and Gastronomy
  • Dr. Elvira Padua Undergraduate program Motor Science
  • Dr. Noemi Scarpato Undergraduate program Design
  • Prof. Giovanna Capilli Undergraduate program Administration and Law
  • Dr. Cristina Santini program Human Nutrition
  • Prof. Virginia Tancredi Graduate Program Motor Science
  • Dr. Cristina Santini Responsible for International Relations
  • Emanuela Mililli Administrative Assistant
  • Marco Conti Administrative Assistant

Office Contacts:

                Office of International Relations, Via Val Cannuta 247- Rome

What we do:

Administrative support will be given not only for gathering information, but also for formulating budgets or for preparing forms. Administrative staff will be in charge of:

- ensuring a professional service for applicants, students, academic and administrative staff, partner institutions and external bodies from first contact onwards.

- providing an effective support for resolving enquiries via e-mail, phone, fax and in person;

- supporting the University’s international mobility and partnership agenda.

The Responsible for International Relations will:

- liaise closely with the academic staff who serve as responsible for each course in order to provide information and advice on the University’s procedures and policies for mobility

- monitor international activity of the University

- support incoming personnel and students.